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Full-Stack Web Development Course

160 Lectures  •  640 Hours  •  8 Months
This course will take you from 0 to junior web developer. Omer will teach you everything you need to become a full stack developer, pulling from his over 6 years experience at Google.
Omer Cem Akyol, Software Engineer at
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Technical Recruiting & HR Course

26 Lectures  •  52 Hours  •  3 Months
Get ahead in the hottest field within HR and Recruitment: Tech. Siva, a Technical Recruiter at Amazon, will help you build the entire toolkit you’ll need to excel as a Junior Technical HR professional.
Siva Kapilan, Technical Recruiter
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Graphic Design Course

16 Lectures  •  32 Hours  •  2 Months
Learn introductory and advanced graphic desing skills with hands on experience to support your journey to junior graphic designer roles

Ben Raven, Design Director at
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