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Everything you need to know about the LIT's web development course.
Will I receive a certificate upon course completion?
Yes! After successfully completing the course and all projects, you'll receive a signed certificate of completion. This certificate has aided thousands of LIT graduates in showcasing their skills to potential employers and their LinkedIn network.
Is this course 100% online?
Absolutely. All courses offered by the London Institute of Technology (LIT) are fully online, providing you the flexibility to learn at your convenience, day or night. Each lecture is recorded, ensuring you won't miss anything even if you can't attend a live session.

Our online learning doesn't mean you're on your own. LIT guarantees comprehensive support for your success journey. This includes individual guidance from an experienced mentor, a career coach to aid you in securing your dream job, and a student advisor for course-related concerns. You'll also connect with other motivated students who are on the same journey, providing mutual support and growth.
What is the duration of the course?
Our intensive Full-stack Web Development and Back-end Software Engineering bootcamp can transform you into a qualified professional in as little as 8 months, given you devote up to 20 hours weekly. The curriculum is carefully designed to equip you with the skills sought after by employers; all you need is dedication and hard work.
Can you explain the admission process?
Step 1: Application Submission
Our web development course is beginner-friendly and requires no prior knowledge or experience. Simply complete the registration form to start your tech career!

Step 2: Consultation with Admissions
Post-application submission, we'll schedule a virtual consultation lasting approximately 30 minutes. This session will focus on discussing your career objectives and how LIT can assist you in achieving them.

Step 3: Assessing Skills & Finalizing Payment Options
Subsequently, you'll receive a skills survey to ascertain your existing knowledge level. This helps us tailor your learning path for optimal success. Regardless of your experience level, we have a plan for everyone. We'll also assist you in identifying the most suitable payment option.

Step 4: Secure Your Spot
Once the payment plan is decided, you'll gain access to the learning environment and resources, marking the beginning of your tech journey.

Please note, admission to LIT's courses is competitive and spots are not guaranteed until the chosen payment plan is fulfilled.
Are there any prerequisites for admission?
LIT's courses are inclusive and require no prerequisites. The syllabi are beginner-friendly, catering to those with zero prior coding experience or skills.
What is included in the tuition fee?
Your tuition encompasses more than just course content; it's designed to bolster your impact in your future role. This includes:

- An comprehensive course led by expert lecturers from MAANG - Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google - companies.
- Individualized mentorship from teaching assistants. Two teaching assistants available per course.
- Creation of multiple projects to enhance your portfolio.
- Access to an exclusive community of mentors, career coaches, and fellow students.
- Support from community managers for administrative and organizational queries.
- Personalized feedback for refining your resume, portfolio, and social profiles.
- One-on-one sessions with a career coach to strategize your job-search and perfect your pitch.
- Extensive interview preparation through one-on-one mock interviews.
- LIT's Job Guarantee, ensuring you land a job within three months of completing the course. Terms apply.
What type of support can I anticipate?
At LIT, we believe in the power of connections and consistent support. Throughout your course, you'll receive guidance from:

- Your Lecturer: They provide assistance when you're stuck and offer comprehensive feedback on each project and assignment.
- Teaching Assistants: Experts who will guide you through regular one-on-one video calls.
- Your Career Coach: Assistance with CV review, mock interviews, job search strategy, and more.
- Student Advisor: There to help with any questions, discuss goals, and provide tips and support on any aspect of the program.
- Your Classmates: Collaborate on projects, form study groups, and provide each other with feedback.
Could you explain the LIT Job Guarantee and its eligibility criteria?
To fully understand the terms of the job guarantee, you can request to read the full terms by contacting our admissions team at info@londoninstitute.io or call at +44 330 818 8909.
How are the tuition payments structured?
We provide various payment options, all of which include the LIT Job Guarantee (subject to meeting certain requirements).

- Upfront Payment Discount
- Monthly Instalments: Pay an upfront deposit and monthly payments over certain period of time, providing interest-free flexibility.
- Financed Tuition Loan: Full tuition fee with added interest.

To learn more, visit the Tuition section on this page, email our admissions team at info@londoninstitute.io, or call us at +44 330 818 8909.

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